Vipralya Education System

Vipralya Education System is a modern education system developed by All India Vipra Association which is based on Scientific Facts, Vedic Knowledge, Practical Workshops, Smart & Easy Education and Right to Education. The system is registered and duly assigned by AIVA organization and All Rights are reserved by Organization 2017 onward.


The name comes from Language Sanskrit which is the vedic and most scientific language in this earth. Vipralya is form with the union of Vipr + Alya where Vipra mean the wise, education and enlightened person and Alya stand for the place where the live or tech. The union of Vipr + Alya means The place of Teacher[Guru or Prudent Folks].


Aim & Objective

  • To provide easy and affordable education to everyone with true reference and facts.
  • To establish school education system with which we can provide the evidence based practical education and skill knowledge.
  • To develop smart education system based on the Vedic education system just as in Nalanda and Takshila.
  • To establish gurukul kind education institutes under the registered name Vipralya which is duly registered by All India Vipra Association.
  • Courage youth towards national building. So each and every student who get education in Vipralya system of education will lead to beautiful future.

Smt.Vinod Kumari Sharma


Smt. Vinod Kumari Sharma

The concept of Vipralya Education is developed by Smt. Vinod Kumari Sharma who is the chairman of All India Vipra Association. She aimed to provide our students a good and quality education rather than today's non functioning education trend.



Smt. Neeraj Bala

Smt. Neeraj Bala is the working as the director of this sister organization which is developed by All India Vipra Association. She is working hard to deliver education to every child of nation.


Secretary Education Department of AIVA

Smt. Rekha Sharma


Being Secretary of Educational Department of All India Vipra Association and Vipralya Education System, I bind to all rules, objectives and memorandum of association. My aim to provide the best education with all modes of education i.e Distance Education, Online Education, Correspondent Education etc.