Trataka increases various psychic powers as will power, concentration power, hypnotisation power, steady mind and good eye sight also.


Sit in Padmasan/Siddhasan or any other comfortable pose. Put a lighted candle in front of you. Now look at the flame
without winking.
Start for as long as you can comfortably
do so. Then close your eyes. Repeat this and practice for some time till you feel tears in your eyes.
Note Do palming, wash your eyes and
do eye exercises-right left, up-down,
clockwise, anti-clockwise, blínking and
then palming after Trataka again.

Benefits of Trataka
1. It enhances the eyesight.
2. Helps in sleeping soundly.
3. Increases will power and concentration power.
4. Makes the mind silent.
5. A flaming lustre shines in the eyes.
6. Enables to transmit the thoughts to other people.
7. The third eye is awakened.
8. It destroys impressions or Sanskars embedded in our sub-consciousness mind.
9. By awakening the dormant energy, centres of the brain, this kriya sharpens intellect.
10. Increases the capacity to read the thoughts of others.
11. Power of hypnotism is roused.
12. Develops various psychic powers.