This is a lack of blood in the body and may be primary or secondary stage. This disease is found in women mostly.

General debility, fatigue and quick breathing on least exertion, pain in the legs; want to appetite and difficulty to
concentrate, paleness, a disinclination for physical or mental activity, lethargy, weakness, giddiness, insufficient sleep etc.

Chronic ailments like malaria, repeated deliveries, excessive loss of blood during the menses or due to piles, insufficient
number of red blood cells, lack of quality and quantity of food are the main causes of anaemia.

Yogic Treatment
(I) Shatkarma Regular Kunjal Kriya
(II) Yogasana:-Yogamudra, Paschimottanasana, Ardhmatsyendrasana, Bhujangasana, Shalbhasana, Naukasana, Pawanmuktasana, Sarvangasana, Dhanurasana & Shavasana.
(II) Pranayama Agnisar Kriya, Uddiyan Bandha and deep breathing.
(IV) Use Vaurn mudra and Earth mudra 30 minutes each.
(M) Diet: ourishing, easily digestible diet should be taken. Sufficient amout of iron Vitamin D and Vitamin B (complex) in food should be included, as radish, dates, tomatoes. Pomegranates, figs, apples, pears, milk, Dananas, apricots, ripe mangoes, butter should be taken.

• Juice of pineapple / pomegranate should be taken daily.
• Sooked Kishmish about 20-25 should be in your break fast or 5 munakkas boiled in the milk should be taken at
• Sprouts-moong, til (scsame), wheat etc; whole gains, raw vegetables, organic jaggery, honey soyamilk should taken.
• Eat til and jaggery laddu in winter season. Til has sufficient iron.
• Prepare vegetables in iron utensil (Kadhai)
• Have lemon; amla and orange in your diet.
• Eat green and leafy vegetables daily both times such as spinach, radish, horsemint, coriander, fenugreek
amaranthus (chaulai) and bathua.
• Almond, raisin, groundnut, coconut, chestnut and cashew nut are also helpful in anaemia.
• Go for morning walk while the sun rises and pratise deep breathing.
• Take juice of beetroot and carrot.
• Take apple juice ½ hour before meals.
• Take black pepper in some ghee many times a day with tea, warm water etc.
• Take juice of spinach 4 glass with fresh apple juice (1/4, glass).
• Take fenugreek seeds 4 tsp with some water at night or methi leaves soup/vegetable.
• Banana shake is also useful in this disease.
• Sitting in the sun, massage with mustard oil, takiıng minutes tub bath in the morning and ten minutes arte
noon are extremly useful.
• Take punamavadi mundra powder 1/2 to 1 gm with water/milk.