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The most scientific education system based on ancient texts and facts with modern techniques developed by an association of prudent folks (All India Vipra Association).

About our services

Vipralya as indicates that this is the place of educated and prudent folks and they unite to deliver best services in field of education with motive to provide knowlede easy, accessible and affordable to each and every person. We have designed our system with high-tech techniques as follows:-


We have introduce the notification system so everyone can easily get updates on their emails by our newsletter program.

Time Saving

In Vipralaya we only provide authentic knowledge without long and time consuming paragraphs which is time saving.

Contact Us

We welcomes all visitors to contact us. You can contact us for any suggested topic. We will try to provide that with authentic reference.

Save Money

Stop spending your hard earn money to shop reference books. We provide all topics with references and authentication which saves your money.

Cloud Storage

Our all services comes with cloud storage which is secure with SSL certificate. So no worries about fake and fraud.

Offline Users

We recommend to be an online reader but we provide an offline feature with printfriendly too so you can download and read it offline.

Magic Word

We have worked on this service to develop a system with which you can get knowledge with easy and effective words rather than using tuff vocabulary. Beacuse our aim is to provide knowledge that everyone can easily understand.


In concern with coding than our website is developed with some security codes that helps our user's privacy and content safety. So please support content safety by don't copy and distribute content with alter author as it is copyright by AIVA.

Social Media Friendly

Our website is not only secure but Social friendly too. You can share any article to top social networking website it will automatically adopt interface of social network as media link. Which will help viewers to understand the link is about which topic.

Your Topics

Here is the list of articles/topics you can read. Please don't try to stole the hard work of authors as it is cybercrime too. We worked hard to gether information for you by spending money on many books and magazines with which we are trying to provide you free education.

AIVA SAFAL Quiz Answerkeys
All About Corona Virus
All About SAR
Swar Science Behind Male Child
स्वर, तत्व वं कामकेली क्रिया विज्ञान
Facts about New Year


Here are the top four testimonials of persons emphasis for quality and non-expensive education.

Gaurav Kaushik

Gaurav Kaushik

Sanskrit Teacher

This is the best platform for education and i think we should work on this kinda services to provide free education.

Neeraj Pushkarna

Neeraj Pushkarna

Lecturer S.N College

Heartily appreciating the efforts of AIVA to build a free of cost educational interface under the Vipralaya System.

Ashish Bhardwaj

Ashish Bhardwaj

Assistant Director CamrawStudio

I think this Vipralya service will lead students to new world of knowledge. We should work together to make education affordable for everyone.

Munisha Sharma

Munisha Sharma

Former Principal DIPS

This is the website which I found really useful for all students and a good addon to their educational directory.